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Online consultation service for the beauty and health of your hair
oily scalp
itching and rashes
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volume loss
hair loss problem
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Brittle hair and other problems
Too oily or dry hair
hair loss
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stage, and recovery action plan
Finding a problem,
of the scalp and hair, online or using a special program
Visual analysis
answers to questions about heredity, nutrition, care, etc..
Collection of anamnesis:
After consultation
you will get
Recommendations from the chief doctor:
  • List of products by hair and scalp type
  • Ways and frequency of their use
  • Additional hair growth stimulants: massages, rollers, video instructions
  • What tests to pay attention to
  • Possible nutrition correction
PDF format to the email
On April 1, the price will rise to $120
Free access to an online tracker to track the result after consultation
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We help even with major changes in the hairline or hair loss during pregnancy
Recommendations from trichologists
with international qualifications
We know that hair can be restored at almost any age. Try iHairium right now from the comfort of your home!
Recommendations from trichologists
with international qualifications
You can take care of your hair at any time. Join us!
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Online consultations are more convenient,
  • You can make an appointment at a convenient time, and you don't have to go anywhere
  • This is cool. One consultation is enough to get a real solution
  • It's great that you can get recommendations from experienced trichologists, no matter where you live
  • It wasn't convenient for me to go to the clinic, since the city is small and everyone knows everything, but I wanted to stop hair loss
80% of clients have already seen the first results
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The second and subsequent consultations (if necessary) will cost at the regular price 89 $.
How much will the following consultations cost, if needed?
Doctors collect data on the health of the scalp and hair and give individual recommendations. For each type of skin, hair, age, physical and emotional state, an effective therapy will be individually selected.
How will we consult?
We do not currently consult on insurance, but we will inform you as soon as it changes..
Can I apply for insurance?
Of course, you can write to us by mail ***, and our manager will contact you for clarifying questions.
Can I give a consultation as a gift to a loved one who has hair or scalp problems?
Register for a consultation with a trichologist and get an individual solution to your problem right now
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