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What will I receive after the online consultation?
Recommendations from a trichologist
  • An individual treatment plan
  • A list of products suitable for your hair and scalp type.
  • Information on methods and their recommended frequency of use.
  • Additional hair growth stimulators, including massages, rollers, and video instructions.
  • A list of necessary tests.
  • Analysis results interpretation.
  • Dietary adjustment recommendations.
  • A mobile phone application that will help you track the progress of treatment and provide additional recommendations.
*The specific list depends on the issue you are dealing with and the treatment you choose.
We provide assistance even in cases of significant changes in hair growth patterns or hair loss during pregnancy
Schedule a consultation for hair and scalp health
Individual plan within 40 minutes
How do we conduct consultations?
Collecting medical history:
Answers to questions about heredity, nutrition, care, etc.
Visual analysis
Of the scalp and hair, online or using specialized software
Problem identification
Stage and action plan for restoration
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Semih Alev
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Му hair has improved
  • Doctor Semih wrote me recommendations after the consultation, and now I have a little more fluff on my head.
  • I live in Germany, and the doctor wrote to me which medications I can buy here. So cool! I thought I'd have to search.
  • Our nearest trichologist is 500 km away from the city. It's so great that I was able to get recommendations remotely through iHairium.
  • Thanks!
    I've wanted to go to the clinic for a long time, but for some reason, it never worked out: either laziness or shyness, I guess... The online consultation helped me address my questions.
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