The doctor was attentive, friendly. The reception lasted quite a long time, it seemed to me, forty minutes. The doctor was in no hurry, questioned me in detail, listened to me. She examined my head and hair with a special device. I saw everything on the monitor screen, the specialist told me in detail. Also then she described the treatment plan to me, explained everything in detail. I am happy with the reception. I would recommend this doctor.
Victoria, August 26, 2023
Verified reviews about the doctor:
I chose a specialist at the cheapest price. Elvira Mukhadinovna conducted the reception normally, revealed what I needed. But I still don't quite understand some things and not all methods of treatment were told to me. For example, the option of hair transplantation in this clinic was not affected at all, they offered only long-term treatment courses and procedures in between. I didn't really like the clinic, it seemed that they wanted to earn a lot of money, and not cure real problems. I will look at what serious treatments can be offered in other places.
Oksana, August 21, 2023
Probably the nicest doctor in my life. We discussed all my problems extremely carefully, the doctor examined the whole body, gave answers to all the questions that worried me, told me everything in detail, I will advise all my friends. Everything is fine, I will contact this doctor for all problems related to dermatology.
Katya, August 15, 2023
Sharapova Elvira
Experience of 12 years
Information about the doctor:
2015: Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov with specialization in dermatovenerology.
2015: Completed her residency at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPO) with an in-depth study of cosmetology.

Retraining cycles and additional training:
2015: Participation in the practical course "Aesthetic Dermatology" provided by Merc Pharma LLC.
2015: Completed practical courses on aesthetic correction and intralipotherapy at Nike-Med LLC.
2015: Participated in the practical and theoretical course "Application of chemical peels, mesotherapy in trichology, facial mesotherapy, biorevitalization" provided by Vallex M.
2015: Completed his studies in the field of "Trichology" at the RUDN.
2015: Completed training in the field of "Aesthetic dermatology, biorestructuring and biocomplemental skin therapy" in the REC "Expert".
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic diseases of the hair and scalp in adults and children, as well as infectious diseases.
Sharapova Elvira
I turned to Shaparova Elvira Mukhadinovna with the problem of hair loss. Before her, I had not been to specialists in this field, I tried a lot of folk and advertised remedies, but nothing helped. Elvira Mukhadinovna asked me in sufficient detail about the complaints, conducted an examination and diagnosis and prescribed treatment. It was comprehensive, including both medicines and external remedies. After three months, I began to notice the growth of new hair, the loss almost stopped. I am very grateful to her for her professional approach, I will contact her again.
Sofia, July 16, 2023
I was very worried when my hair began to fall out a lot. At first, I didn't even think about going to the doctor, I started trying various folk methods, then I bought expensive products, but I didn't have enough patience, I often changed the funds, maybe because of this there was no effect. Elvira Mukhadinovna conducted an examination and prescribed comprehensive treatment. I liked the approach that the problem was considered comprehensively and treated by combining different methods. It worked, after a couple of months I noticed that the loss was not so abundant, now everything has returned to normal. Many thanks to Sharapova, the treatment is not cheap, but I see the result, so I'm not sorry.
Polina, July 8, 2023
I went to a dermatologist for a consultation. I was interested in facial care and in particular I wanted to try something rejuvenating. Elvira had a good consultation, told me what she could offer, taking into account the condition of my skin. Even at the price, she oriented and said what effect can be expected from each procedure. It sounded quite convincing, I hope that in fact it will not be worse.
Catherine, June 25, 2023
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